Dhow Cruises

The best way to experience the glorious Zanzibar island. On a traditional wooden dhow with the wind in your sail and a glass of wine in your hand as you cruise along watching the morning sun on the starting session of your tour to the ending session of sun setting casting golden view on your way back to the East Zanzibar coast at Uroa.

Whether you would like a romantic moment with your partner or just a fun in the morning to kae beach and the evening back to uroa with family or friends, we have different boats that can accommodate you.

The Dhow Cruise runs for about 2 hours and departs from Uroa to kae Baech and later return to Uroa from kae beach for another 2 hours. We first head to Kae beach where if you like, you will be treated to a glimpse of Zanzibar’s underwater bounty on a guided snorkelling tour, enjoy your delicious lunch, having fun and entertainment and playing different sport games. all activities starts just from the morning to the evening sun sets.

When you have had your fill of all activities till evening, get back on the boat, crack open the ice box and dig in to the wonderful liquid and edible treats that it holds as the sun dips below the horizon and the boat leisurely sails back.